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Name: C. J. Campbell
Date: 12/23/00
Harvest Location: Sumner
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 28 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: On 23, Dec 2000 at approximately 1:45 pm, I settled in my stand that overlooked a cut logging trail. Approximately 3 pm I observed three Does to my rear. I watched as they slowly eased through the hardwood into a open field. The three Does returned a short time later andvanished through the cedar trees. At approximately 4 pm I observed whatI thought were two Does in the same small open field. After using a grunt call twice, one of the deer approached the edge of the woods and entered. The other followed about thirty yards behind the first deer. I observed the first deer to have a small six point rack and the other to have a tall and even formed rack. The small deer was directly in my front under my stand and the other in a valley to my right. The smallbuck spooked and ran up about 20 yards and stopped. The other spooked and ran across the cut logging trail up a bank and stopped. I took advantage of a tree that was between us and I stood, turned and drew my bow. I released my arrow when the buck cleared the tree and struck thebuck behind the left shoulder.

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