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Name: Kathleen Chute
Date: 10/05/08
Harvest Location: Montgomery
Size: 3 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Crossbow
Story: On October 5th ,I was seated on the edge of the woodland dressed in full gillie. It was completaly fogged out that morning and my husband was within shouting distance from me. Waiting in my own world with the birds breaking silence, out of nowhere 3 deer were walking forward. I got a bit of buck fever at first but after taking a few deep breaths, I slowly lifted my crossbow. I took careful aim deciding on 20 yards and fired. For an instant, this deer stood in the fog and then scampered off to my right. He only moved about 40 yards from the point of impact. He took a breath and changed direction. From there he walked from view. My husband David and I keep radio contact when we are hunting. So after speaking to him and feeling as though I may have missed. We continued the hunt for another hour. When we were done, I started walking to the shot. I wanted to recover my arrow. My husband was checking for shot sign. As I was looking for the arrow my husband signaled me .As I turned around . There on the ground was my arrow. There was no doubt I got my deer. I walked to my husband with my eyes as large as the moon, an together we found my deer . He was only feet from the last place I saw him. It was wonderful 3 point buck. As a woman I am proud to be my husbands hunting partner.

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