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Name: Chad Sullivan
Date: 11/24/08
Harvest Location: Montgomery
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: I took this nice 10 pt. with my compound bow at a great 20-yd. shot. When we field-dressed the deer, we found my friend's expandable broadhead in the deer, which he had shot back in early November from about 1-2 miles away. His shot had taken out the entire left lung. The size of the body on this rascal was enormous. I've hunted several times this year. I took a 9 pt. buck with a good body, missed an 8 pt. buck, and now killed this 10 pt. that dressed out at 210. It's going to be good eatin! Not to mention the inside spread on this baby was right at 20 inches. That's what we look for in a deer is weight and size of the spread and I've got both with this deer! I think I'm going to fork out the cash to put this one on the wall.

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