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Name: Greg Matthews
Date: 11/29/08
Harvest Location: Smith
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 60 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: November 29th a one day hunt, I was not sure were i wanted to go that morning, I had a rough muzzle load season and was ready to throw in the towel. I had a buddy give me some great advice well to buddies, I packed my clothes my tree stand my lunch and coffee and headed out to my spot. Well at 5:15 I was in my tree stand after a 1/4 mile walk. I was sitting and waiting for the rain to start. I have not packed in 50 lbs of gear in a while. I got hunkered down for a all day vigilant. At 6:15 or so the woods came alive the air was damp and foggy my kind of day, 100 yards out i see movement through the open hard woods. I pick up a deers body and see the travel route, right on the run way. I scan further up and spot a doe 30 yards ahead. I look back at the larger deer and see a curl at the top of his head. I look through the scope and admire this pretty 8pt. Never took a 8pt main frame. Said he is a shooter. No monster but a trophy to me. As gets about 60 yards out I blat at him with my mouth, he stops turns his neck and front right shoulder to me. I put the cross hairs on the crease of the neck and shoulder and squeeze the trigger,as i follow the shot through this buck flips over on his back and never felt a thing. I was more pleased with that then anything else. He felt no pain and suffered none. I also laid his partner to rest that day with him. My first double up ever. My hunt was over in a hour and a half. What a fantastic hunt, and I thank the two buddies for some great advice and keeping me at it. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and listen to others. I learned a great deal from that hunt. I dedicate this hunt to Roger Morris and Lade Connolly for their advice and encouragement. Thank you Greg L Matthews Knoxville tn

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