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Name: Ray Smallwood
Date: 11/05/08
Harvest Location: DeKalb
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 55 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: Well me and my buddy Jayce saw a huge buck on the side of the road. Once we stopped to take a look. Hunting season hadn't started yet so we waited till muzzle loader. We woke up late and rushed to get out there. My buddy went on the side of the road here we saw that big buck and I went on the other side of the road. We have never been on this land before so I found a spot that looked pretty good and after sitting for about a hour two dogs came right to me so I chased them away and moved farther away down a deer trail I found that looked used alot. I found a fallen over tree and got settled in and about 1 hour later I hear "crunch crunch". I look around and nothing is there to see and I keep on hearing it and it came up behind me then headed down the hill. I never did figure out what it was and I look up and there's a buck walking down that deer trail I found. He stopped and started rubbing. I was so nervious it was my first big buck I had ever seen in the woods. I pulled my muzzleloader up and I only had open sights. I pulled the trigger then after the smoke cleared I looked everwhere to see where he ran. I stood up and he was laying right where I shot him. As soon as I got to him I called Jayce. Before I could even say anything he said he just dropped the biggest deer of his life. He got that big one and he said he was bout to cry. After gutting my deer I just dropped and dragging him to the car me and Jayce met up and went to his deer. It took us 3 hours to drag his buck up a big hill and falling about everytime we tried pulling we finally got him to the car. We never heard each other shoot. We both dropped ten pointers and seconds apart from shooting.

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