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Name: Mike Temes
Date: 11/27/98
Harvest Location: Williamson
Size: 10 point
Shot Distance: 135 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Mike shot this great 10 Point at 7:45 AM. This is one of the 5 bucks that had been running together. And yes there is still one even bigger than this one and the 8 Point my brother took opening morning of muzzleloader. This one was coming in on a big Doe. I had to watch him for about 10 minutes and it seemed like an hour. He gave me 2 other shots but they were chest shots and I passed them up. The scope on my gun would not sit still, but when I did shoot, he never took a step and the Doe never flinched.

This is the fourth buck in three years from the same tree. I took a 10 Point in 96 a 10 Point in 97, a 8 Point during muzzleloader 98 and now this 10 Point. Could I have what you would call a Honey Hole. And the best part of it is the tree that I hunt out of is only 55 yards from my front door.

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