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Name: Reed Todd
Date: 11/24/08
Harvest Location: Bedford
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 135 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: I set out Monday morning with the intention of scouting a stand for my daughters first deer hunt. A doe walked directly under my stand at first light. A good start. I passed on her, because I wanted to keep the stand fresh for my daughter's hunt the following Saturday. Around 8:30 I looked up the hill to see a buck looking at me. The wind was blowing up the hill and angling toward the buck. Fortunately I had placed a Tink's Scent Bomb loaded with Tink's Super Lure 30 yard in front of my stand and the scent was hitting the buck right in the nose. I had been busted but the buck stayed there with his nose in the air. I slowly raised my rifle. The buck was facing me straight on and I didn't have the greatest rest. I didn't want to take that shot so I waited for him to either walk out or turn and go back through the fence filled with cedars. I waited and WAITED. He kept smelling the Super Lure. Finally he turned to go back through the fence giving me a shoulder shot. He dropped in his tracks. I walked up hill to find no ground shrinkage. I was surprised to see a fresh deep bullet wound across the base of his neck and a huge scare down his side. This fellow had a hard life. I did hate to take a buck out of a stand I had placed for my daughter, but it was the rut and a dandy buck that I couldn't let walk. She saw another 8 point on the same trail that Saturday but couldn't get a shot. Maybe we will see him again!

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