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Name: D.j. Thompson
Date: 11/25/09
Harvest Location: Davidson
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 70 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story:  Well i took a buddy hunting and was trying to get him on his first deer so i sat him on my food plot and i still hunted a ridge across from him... I saw a small buck and had just started letting deer walk so i let him go and went to get my buddy..who was asleep...we stalked down a creek bed and grunted and used the can and then got sit up around 4 points in a bottom and as we raked the leaves back to sit i grunted and sat down.. i heard him comming before i could get my strap off the gun..My buddy watched him come all the way down the hill but was trying to get my attention and as soon as i seen him i shot. he took off and i shot again hittin about 2 inches from the first.. right in the boiler room... Biggest deer i have ever seen in the wild... green score 150 1/2

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