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Name: Rick Mcnulty
Date: 01/08/09
Harvest Location: Lake
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 60 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: My nephew come over to my house thursday around lunch saying that his dad had to work and that he really wanted to go deer hunting, but no one to carry him. So being a avid deer hunter myself, I told him that we would go that afternoon. He was at my house by 2:30pm with his hunting gear ready to go. I told him that beings I had already killed 2 bucks, one during black powder season and one during gun, that I go down and see about taking a doe for the freezer. Once we got to the place we hunt, he said he was going to the far side of the field where he had been seeing alot of deer. Told him I was gonna just sit on this end of the field and see if I might catch a doe comming into a little grass field there. Had been sitting there for about a hour and a half when I caught a movement over in the far left side of the grassy field. Looked around and saw this nice buck standing there looking around. Was glassing him to see if his rack was full or if he was a broke rack buck like many we have seen there. He kept looking back behind him and all of a sudden he spooked and ran back the way he come out of sight. I kept glassing over that way to see if he was gonna come back out. Was thinking to myself that I might need to watch a trail right out in front of me that I had been seeing 4 does come out of every time that I had been hunting this grassy field. Kept glassing around and just happened to catch another movement over in the left corner of the field again. Started watching it to see what it was, looked like a doe moving slowly around the outside edge of the field with its head down. It kept walking slowly around the edge of the field comming closer to me. Then it raised it head up and all I saw was horns sticking up everywhere. He dropped his head back down and kept walking about another 5 yards. At this point he was 60 yards or so from me, I thought to myself its now or never, thinking he might spook again like he did earlier. I raised my 270 up and found him in my scope. About that time he stopped in his tracks giving me a perfect broadside shot. I squeezed the trigger and watched as he took off comming directly at me full speed. He ran towards me for about 20 yards and fell, then he got back up and started to run back the other direction about 5 yards and fell again, this time he got back up and ran about 20 more yards and then slowly went down for the last time. This time he never offered to get back up. All I could see was his horns sticking up out of the grass field. I sit there for about 20 more minutes with my rifle on him just in case he tried to get back up one last time. When I decided that he wasn't getting back up, I started over there to check him out. When I come walking up to him, it was then, that I relized just how big he was. He was a Monster 10 Point, had killed a 12 Point in 2007, but body wise he was a baby compared to this giant. My nephew came walking up and all he could do was just stand there and look at him, lol. He said I will drag him out to the turnrow and we can pick him up there with the 4-wheeler. He reached down and grabbed ahold of him and pulled him about 5 feet, then he looked at me and said maybe we do need to go get the 4-wheeler, lol. Anyway we got him loaded and went and checked him in, Got him home and field dressed him and hung him over night. We figured that roughly he weighed around 240 to 250 lbs before we field dressed him. When I carried him the next morning to have him processed, he was weighed when I dropped him off. Guys this deer field dressed 248 lbs. It totally blew my mind that he weighed that much after being field dressed, but he was a Mississippi River Bottom Buck that had made it 5 to 6 years without being killed. Hope everyone enjoys the story and certainly hope to have more like it in the years to come. But to me this was a once in my lifetime dream come true killing a buck like this.

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