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Name: Colby Dailey
Date: 01/17/09
Harvest Location: Jackson
Size: 2 Point
Shot Distance: 35 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: I was sitting in the stand and said ''Lord please let me see a deer'' and looked up and there stands a doe at 100 yards went to shoot her but she jumped up into this thick part of the woods and about 20 minutes later I said again ''Lord please just let me see her one more time'' well about that time she walks out pull the hammer back shoot snap I forgot to take the saftey off shoot again at 8:18,3 jumps and she's down at 8:21 I here crunching in the leaves I turn around and there stands another doe grab my gun shoot her she runs down to the bottem of this holler and crashes so I get down as we go to find them we found the 1st doe first drug her to the truck went to find the next one found it and I noticed it was a spike.

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