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Name: Ed Sutherland
Date: 10/03/09
Harvest Location: Cocke
Size: Doe
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: They both came in together. 1st one paused at 20yrds long enough for me to slip a 100gr Muzzy through the heart. She took 5 steps and fell over directly under my tree stand. 2cnd one did not run away. I was amazed as I nocked another arrow and thought about the double. Sure enough the 2cnd one paused at 22yds Quartering away, long enough to fling another 100gr Muzzy through the air. Wack! 2cnd one was hit hard. She went about 80yrds and crashed. first and second archery deer kills in less than a minute! I was so shook up that it took me almost an hour before I was calm enough to safely take my Summit down the tree. Hunt of a life time and I got to share the whole experience with my dad who was several hundred yrds from me hunting as well.

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