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Name: Jeff Long
Date: 10/26/09
Harvest Location: Marion
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: On the morning of October 26th I cautiously walked to a spot that I had determined was a natural funnel and quietly climbed to a 25 foot height in a towering yellow pine located next to a large Maple that had five main trees springing forth from a main trunk. I was able to secure my Summit Open-Shot climbing stand to overlook an opening and gave a slight sigh as I sat down an waited. The time is 6:30am CST. At 6:45 a six inch spike wandered in and began to feed under a large White oak 15 yards to my left. As he feasted upon the plentiful acorns he would raise his head and look behind him. I had been without a deer for almost a month and the end of archery season was fast approaching. It was very much unlike me to go dry for such a long period of time. Sure, I had seen this spike before and a few does as well but I wanted that big buck that I saw through my binoculars two weeks earlier. As the spike returned to feeding, I slowly started to stand with every intention of taking him with carefully placed shot. He again raised his head quickly and looked over his shoulder and there he was. The 9pt slowly walked toward the spike, lowered his head, and immediately the spike fled from sight. As the 9pt walked toward the White oak I slowly drew back my bow. With a swift tilt of his head, he looked straight at me. The time was 6:55am and the deep woods was still somewhat dark and I could not see my sight clearly. I released my bow string and the arrow pierced the bucks side. He managed to run 75yrds before he met his maker.

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