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Name: Frank Adams
Date: 11/01/09
Harvest Location: Sumner
Size: Doe
Shot Distance: 40 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Frank and his dad arrived at the stand a 5:00 am and noticed a deer standing 40 yards from the stand. The deer had moved on. We got into the stand and settled down for the morning hunt. At 6:30 we had noticed a doe come out of the woods. Frank got his .243 riffle up and put the cross hairs on the doe. Frank took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. We noticed that he had made a good shot on the doe. The doe went 30-40 yards when she went down. Frank could barely contian his excitement and started making phone calls to let everyone know that he shot a doe. This is Frank's first deer. His dad is very proud of his son on his first deer

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