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Name: Sean Farley
Date: 10/31/09
Harvest Location: Putnam
Size: Doe
Shot Distance: 75 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: My dad and I were walking up a hill to a flat. He said "Hold up! I see a deer! Do you see it?". I said "YES". He said "Put a shot on it". POW! It got up and ran down the hill a little. He said "WAIT!". He saw another deer run up. We thought at first that it was the one I shot first. He said "Do you see it?". I said "No - all I see is gut". He told me to step back, but all I could see was its neck and head. He said "Don't shoot if you can't get a good shot at it". So I finally got still and I shot it. It fell smack dab on the ground. We were so excited - we walked over there and we saw 2 of them. By then, we were ecstatic!! This is the first time I have been hunting and killed two! We were only 15 yards away from the 4-wheeler. It was a great hunt.

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