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Name: Doug Legg
Date: 11/22/00
Harvest Location: Anderson
Size: 8 point
Shot Distance: N Yards
Harvested With: Gun
Story: This deer was a victim of a Doe in heat scent. As I entered the woods that afternoon I had to climb a steep ridge. On the way up I crossed several trails that traversed the ridge. I decided to put out a couple canisters of scent along the trails. After setting the last canister I climbed another thirty yards up the ridge. The wind was blowing north, east, south and west. Every now and then I could smell the scent. Shortly after setting on a large rock I saw two Doe's pass just above me, they were in no hurry. About an hour later they came back, feeding this time. The first Doe disappeared and the second Doe stopped dead in her tracks fifty yards above me. She stood there for five minutes looking every now and then up the ridge, I knew something was getting ready to happen and pulled the hammer back on my rifle. Seconds later the buck showed up and chased the Doe up the ridge with his nose buried in her well you know where. Suddenly he stopped nose in the air and turned down the ridge straight for me, head down and nose to the ground. By this time I was on my knees behind the rock and a big tree. With gun raised and looking over my scope he turned broadside twenty yards away with his nose to the ground. What can I say, it was HAMMER TIME. He ran thirty yards and crashed. I am convinced the Doe in heat scent saved the day.

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