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Name: Craig Phillips
Date: 09/30/99
Harvest Location: Cocke
Size: Doe
Shot Distance: 10 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: I had just came back from a unsuccessful draw hunt when my cousin, Shawn, offered to take me hunting at a spot that he felt was full of deer. Shawn let me hunt out of his treestand at the place he had scouted the day before. When I was finally settled in I heard a noise coming in front of me. My heart pounding I stood up to see two hunters walking through the woods. An hour had past and I was still thinking of how sorry they were when I heard a noise behind me. I sneaked a peek to see a Doe and her fawn getting a drink from the creek right under Shawn's stand. When the Doe had walked about ten yards I pulled my bow back and shot. I hit her in the neck and she ran about five yards and fell over. Excited I climbed down and ran over where Shawn was hunting. Poor Shawn went the rest of the year and never killed one, but I owe him for helping me kill my first deer with a bow.

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