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Name: Chad Evans
Date: 11/11/00
Harvest Location: Cocke
Size: 5 Point
Shot Distance: 35 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: I was hunting with my dad from a tree stand. Before daylight we had just got up in our stand as a deer came in behind us. It was still dark and we could not tell if it was a buck or Doe. We waited till the deer moved up the ridge before we continued to get set up. After day break two deer came in from a thicket, one went down the ridge and the 5 Point came up the ridge towards us. It feeding on red oak acorns. As it came into a clearing my dad told me to get ready that he was going to grunt and stop the buck so I could make a good shot. After my shot the buck ran about 30 yards. My first buck.

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