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Name: Steve Cole
Date: 11/17/01
Harvest Location: Franklin
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 50 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I saw this buck once during archery season, but he crept up behind me and caught me off guard. I never even got to stand up. Then, on this past muzzle loader season, I rattled him in on Saturday morning. I was even in the same tree. When I pulled the trigger, the cap busted. A second later, the gun went off resulting in a big miss. The buck didn't run off. He hung around long enough for me to reload, but disappeared before I could get a second shot. I spotted him again that same afternoon trailing some Does, but I was never offered a shot. His luck came to a sudden end on opening morning of gun season though. I opted to go a little higher on the mountain, so my dad decided to climb that tree where I had seen the buck numerous times. He shot only once. Then, I got a call on the radio. He nailed him at around 6:20 am. This was dad's first trip to the woods in several years, and he got a nice wall-hanger. As for me, I've located another buck. Maybe my luck will change, and I won't have to get dad to show me how it's done again."

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