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Name: Leroy Adams
Date: 11/12/09
Harvest Location: Lawrence
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 160 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: I was hunting in the same area where I killed a big nine point opening day of the 2008 gun season. I did some rattleing and grunting at 8:00 and at 8:15 I spotted what looked like a calf with antlers coming off a point to my right . Then he turned broadside going down into a hollow and then he stoped in an opening just long enough for me to get a shot, he was around 155 to 170 yards from me on the other hillside when I shot him. When the smoke cleared he was no where to be seen. I waited a little while and then my brother came down where I was and we walked over where the buck was standing and saw no sign of a hit. My brother walked down the hill and said here is some blood an here he is, a big nine point. He dressed out at 170lbs .

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