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Name: Michelle Cyree
Date: 10/31/09
Harvest Location: Lincoln
Size: 2 Point
Shot Distance: 125 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: KHFAC My dad and I had gotten wet hunting out of a blind that morning so we swapped with a friend of mine and was hunting out of a big shooting house that afternoon.We got in place about 1:00 and had been talking to our guide when my dad asked me if i was going to go after the first deer that came out when i told him yes he looked in the field and said well here comes your chance there is a spike just coming out. i got in position with the deer maybe 70 yards away downhill when i shot i missed him and the deer ran about 50 yards furter away and my dad told me to reload and try again. i took better aim this time and fired, we knew it was a good hit but the deer ran down a hill out of sight about 50 yards.Our guide and my dad had me find the trail and we walked right to where he was.I have been going with my dad since i was six but this was my first deer ever.Thank you KHFAC,and Mr. Jones. Oh , by the way my friend came back to that stand and got a six pointer about 4:00

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