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Name: Michael Edsell
Date: 11/05/08
Harvest Location: Roane
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 15 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: The evening of the forth was my first time hunting this paricular stand and I saw a doe a spike and a seven pt that never offered a shot. Hopes were high for the next morning. I was sitting in my stand thinking about how much I hated the ignorant Americans who voted in our current president and how I had not seen any deer and that my life at that moment for lack of a more creative vocablary sucked ! At 11:30 I stood up to start my descent and caught movement. Above me crossing the ridge was a buck a shooter at that. I scrambled to find my grunt call (true talker i love it) and oh the sweet rush when stopped and looked my way. He immediately started down my ridge stopping only to freshin a scrape and tear down a defenseless sappling with his head gear ! After that he came directly under me offering an almost straight down quatering away shot...perfect ! The buck scores 131 and dressed 165lbs. I love when God rewards my ridiculous attitude with a good old fashined punch in the face :)Be thankful for everyday your not guaranteed another

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