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Name: Justin Samples
Date: 12/01/01
Harvest Location: Haywood
Size: 49 Point
Shot Distance: 18 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Justin of Jackson shot this big Haywood County bruiser! It has 49 total points, 43 of which are scoreable. Its been BTR green scored at 292 4/8!

Justin was hunting on the property of a friend in Haywood County and had decided to walk back to his truck by taking a short cut through a thicket. And of all things, his cell phone rang! One of his buddies, Jeremy, called him to see if he'd had any luck and about the "can" call he was carrying. Justin flipped the "can" over to activate it for Jeremy to hear what it sounded like and all of a sudden, the big buck came "charging in" from behind him. The last words Jeremy heard were "what the xxx"! Justin dropped the phone, a shot was heard and then the words "oh my God, oh my God". Justin then picked up the phone and asked Jeremy if he were still there and told him he was "not going to believe this, your not going to believe this, he's huge"! Justin then called his friend Lora who was on stand several miles away up near Jackson and asked if she would bring the atv and give up some help. When they got to the farm where Justin was located, they could hear him yelling over the noise of their atv yelling, "I'm over here". He was jumping up and down waving his arms. Lora says they thought they would have to chase him down all the way to the next county he was so excited!

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