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Name: Barry Wilson
Date: 11/23/01
Harvest Location: Madison
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 80 Yards
Harvested With: Shotgun
Story: "I started the morning out as usual, my buddy dropping me off in a "red" area so I could cross before daylight. I fumbled around in the woods until I finally gave out, so I climbed the first tree in sight. As it broke day light I broke out my "quality" reading material to give me the patience to hang in there until a good "lead" nanny would show up. I've hunted this area before and had always came out with a nice slick head. Sure enough, bout 6:45 here she come. I drew a bead on her and fired a pumpkin ball in her direction. She stumbled off into the dry swamp at the head of the hardwood bottoms I was hunting. I got on the radio and informed my partner that I was going to stay up a while longer to tag out another trophy slick head. Bout an hour had passed since the first shot and I had already read every story in my magazine. I turned my attention to the snap of a limb to my left and there he was. In shock to see the antlers (since this was my nanny hole), I nervously steadied a bead on the brute. One shot from my meat ax was all it took. He piled up about 20 yards from receiving the heavy load of lead. Then the real work began, getting him out of these nasty bottoms. As a result, I still owe my partner 2 drags for the season."

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