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Name: Chad Brewer
Date: 11/19/01
Harvest Location: Perry
Size: 15 Point
Shot Distance: Yar Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "Chad shot this deer chasing a Doe through a clover food plot in 4 yr. old clear cut. The Doe busted out of the clear cut and crossed about 30 yd. of one corner of the food plot. Just as soon as the Doe came out Chad slid the window open on the shooting house and grabbed his rifle, hoping she was running because a BUCK was chasing her. By the time he got his gun out the shooting house window THE BUCK was busting out of the clearcut. Chad shot him dead center of the chest at about 120 yd. THE BUCK kept going, Chad instinctively shot again. THE BUCK fell dead about 3 ft just inside the clearcut out of sight. HE came out of the shooting house wide open, running across the food plot not knowing if he had connected, but rejoicing when seeing him up close and DEAD!"

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