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Name: Wesley Burgess
Date: 11/07/10
Harvest Location: Greene
Size: 7 Point
Shot Distance: 45 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: My sister Sarah and I got in the ground blind around 6 a.m. and about 5 minutes after that we saw a 6 point come out about 100 yards. He left, walking down a hill. About an hour later my sister saw the same 6 point coming towards us and he camen to 45 yards in front of us into a big thicket. I only had a little groove to shoot in. I missed and he ran up the hill. I tried to hurry and reload my gun but he ran off. We got out and looked around for blood but did not find anything so we got back in the blind. Thiry minutes later I look to my right and saw 5 bucks walking in a straight line. Out of the five only one started walking towards us. The others left walking down the hill. He came to 45 yards and started to walk away to the other deer leaving. I yelled to make him stop. He turned around broad side and he looked at me and that's when I shot him. He ran 150 yards before falling and I got him. That's my story WESLEY BURGESS

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