Real People Real Hunters ~ RealTree Camo

Name: Vince Barnett
Date: 11/18/10
Harvest Location: Wayne
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 95 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: I missed an opportunity at this one a week earlier because he had his head in a beech tree raking his antlers and i couldnt tell if he was a big 6 or 8 and he got away without incident. on this morning i heard him come in behind me and he winded me and ran. I shot him when he stopped to think things over and hit him low in the leg and the 350 FPB veered off it into his rib cage and he ran and bedded in cutover. I chased him 500 yds getting up and running 60 or so yds at a time and finally some friends came and watched the last place he crashed into until he almost expired and then put the finishing shot on him! Best ever yet and he went 200 #s.

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