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Name: Joe Walker
Date: 10/27/01
Harvest Location: Sequatchie
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 48 Yards
Harvested With: Bow
Story: "I was hunting a dense thicket that evening when I noticed some movement over my left shoulder. I slowly turned my head to see a set of horns pushing slowly through the entangled mess of briars. He was crossing this funnel with the company of set of Does. I waited for his head to go behind a tree so I could twist around and draw my bow. I was sitting and could not stand up due to his position (which added further difficulties) so I put my body into a pretzel and waited for him to step to the next opening. When he did, I bayed him to a stop and placed my 40 yard pin on his spine. When I shot, the buck did not respond like he had been hit. He ran 10 yards, stopped, whirled around, and ran back into the thicket where he stood for a few minutes. All of this confirmed that the thump I heard must have been a limb. Darkness was fast approaching and I wanted to find my arrow so I climbed down and went to the hole through which I shot. No arrow. I looked for blood but all I found was a couple of hairs. By now, night had fallen and a hunting partner came to pick me up. We walked into the thicket where the buck had stood for so long and discovered an ample amount of blood. We gave him a couple of hours because I wasn't completely sure where my shot had hit and successfully recovered him about 200 yards away. Come to find out, it wasn't a bad hit after all."

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