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Name: Sara DaCosta
Date: 11/30/01
Harvest Location: Bedford
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 140 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "My dad was watching a food plot earlier that day when he saw this 8-Point. He had already taken a 9-Point earlier this year and hoped that my brother or I would have a shot later that afternoon after school. My brother was not able to hunt that afternoon, but he was able to take me to the farm where I would be hunting with my dad. I met my dad in the field, and we had about a 400 yard walk to our tree. We were not to our tree yet when my dad spotted a 6-Point about 50 yards from our tree. We stopped and then picked out the 8-Point as well as the Doe he had been with that morning. They were heading towards the food plot. We stayed put for about ten minutes to give them time to make their way far enough away from us to not spook them while getting in the tree. I could not see them from the base of our tree, but as we got up the tree steps about 15 feet, we could see them in the food plot. The wind was blowing pretty steady which covered our sound and movements, which allowed us to make it into our chain-on stand. After I got in the stand, my dad pulled up my .243 and handed it to me. I had to wait for him to get the video camera out of his backpack and tried to calm down. The buck was feeding on the clover, moving away from us. It was a couple of minutes before he turned broad-side, and with the camera rolling, I dropped him on the spot. My dad had caught it all on camera."

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