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Name: Travis Roberts
Date: 01/01/11
Harvest Location: Henderson
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 45 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story:  After checking the weather the night before I decided to sleep in a little because the forecast called for rain until 8:00am. Arrived at hunting club around 8:00, and instead of taking the long walk to the climbing stand in a spot I haven't hunted all year, which is what I was planning on doing, I made a last second decision to go to Henpeck Hollow. I figured the deer may be feeding on the clover growing in the food plot and the salt lick, especially after strong storms that night and warmer temperatures. I had seen a lot of rutting activity the last couple weeks so I hoped if I got around some does maybe a nice buck would be following. I knew there was a chance of spooking some deer walking to the stand at that time of morning and sure enough I get about 50 yards from my stand and scare off three does, they quietly ran off with silent blows. It was nearly 8:30 by now so I just went ahead quietly to my stand and sat down. The does came back ten minutes later and one of them stared at me before finally walking away down into the bottom behind me. At about 9:30 I saw a deer walk across the food plot and then it appeared on the four wheeler trail leading to my stand. It was a button buck and it was attracted to the tinks 69 I had set out on the way to my stand. As I was watching him I heard some crashing in the ravine to my left, I couldn't see anything but was certain it was deer, the button buck was looking in that direction as well. I watched the button pass through to my left out of sight and wondered what was making the noise in the ravine. Suddenly I saw a big body moving through the thick stuff and then noticed a doe in front, I focused on the large body and finally caught a glimpse of some large antlers. I couldn't believe I was seeing another good deer and quickly tried to find an opening to shoot through, I decided to keep my gun aimed in that spot while watching for the buck in the brush, I kept seeing pieces of him but stayed patient, suddenly he changed direction and started walking straight towards me in the opening, its spread nearly took my breath away as it was way outside its ears and I was sure that this was the best buck I have seen, I didn't wait a second longer, I aimed at his chest and fired, it was a sight to see as the deer did a backflip, white belly up, head back, I knew it was a good hit. The doe ran away as I sat and waited. I could not see the buck on the ground but figured he was in a low spot, I heard no sign of a struggle or leaves rustling so after 15 minutes I got down to see just how big he was, turned out this time I was right, it was the biggest deer I've had the pleasure of taking.

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