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Name: Mickey Summers
Date: 11/22/10
Harvest Location: Sumner
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 80 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: My 12 year old nephew was in from Louisiana and wanted to go deer hunting with me while he was here. I put my son in his stand for the evening and went and got into my 2 man stand. My nephew would not stop talking and I kept on getting onto him for it. We had been sitting there about 45 minutes when I saw a doe come off of the hill to my left. I showed it to my nephew and told him to keep quiet, then he told me there was a deer and I told him I know its the one that I had showed him. He kept saying no its another deer finally I saw the right side of the rack and I really got nervous. I told my nephew not to say another word because he had been talking all evening. The buck walked into the shooting lane and I gently squezzed the trigger on my 300win mag and he instantly. What a day.

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