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Name: Richard James
Date: 10/06/11
Harvest Location: Sumner
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 40 Yards
Harvested With: Crossbow
Story: knew of the deer in the area, landowner has seen him numerous times. had my treelounge in a corner of the soybean field since opening week. 2nd time hunting it my asst. chief was accross the field 3oo yds away watchin a doe . got in the woods at 430pm about 500 pm 2 dogs came in the field running grounds squirrels in circles in the standing soybean!!!! OMG. almost said might as well go home ! had 3 does came out accross the field workin my way, the dogs ran around for bout 1hr , does were watchin them but didnt seem phased by it. so i decided to just stay. they made there way to my stand i kept watching them getting closer. i ranged them the last time at 43 yds. bout that time they kept looking toward there right,(my left) after bout 40 sec. i looked that direction her comes 4 BIG bodied deer cutting across the field out of the woodlot i was in!! TO INTERCEPT THE DOES!. i had 1 big opening in the trees to shoot. as they made there way to it i ranged the spot it was 38yds i then picked up my binos to look at the deer all were great bucks , ant 1 was the nicest. he is the one i wanted, whistled to stop him he wouldnt! dropped my cell phone out of the tree to the woods floor he did stop then he was looking back into the woods where i was . i put the 30 yd dot on him. and the fun BEGAN! the arrow hit the buck , he made the loudest gunteral sound like a roar mixed with a donkey yell! lol weird. anyway got down found arrow, blood spray on soybean to center of field for 100 yds there he lays. 10 point 20 in spread dear weight was 180. (had 2 1/2 in. of fat on his entire body!! grain fed deer...

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