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Name: Addison Postlethwait
Date: 10/30/11
Harvest Location: Carroll
Size: 5 Point
Shot Distance: 100 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Addison (8)was hunting from a blind when she saw this deer in our other field. We eased out of the blind on to the fence row without being detected. She wanted to know why the deer keeps putting his head in the branch above him. Explained pre rut after she pulled the trigger. No blood for 15 yds. Blood!! she yelled. We were on the trail. 40yds later there he was. Her first buck. The gun pictured is her big papas rifle (he is unable to hunt anymore). The gun he guesses is 45 years old. She want everyone to know her 1st buck was bigger than her dads first deer.

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