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Name: Cody Lowery
Date: 10/29/11
Harvest Location: Giles
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 455 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: This is my best deer so far with a 270 short magnum on my last juvenile hunt. Me and my dad was sittin in a shootin house and we had already seen 14 does. I looked in the bottom of the holler and we seen 2 does and a cull buck and dad said that it needed to go. I decided not to shoot it. It was about 5 minutes later, when there was 3 does show up on the opposite hillside in front of us about 450 to 500yds and dad said,"there has got to be a shooter buck around here somewhere with all of the does were seeing." No more than the words came out of his mouth, we seen OLE MOOSE DADDY chasin the 3 does. I asked dad where I needed to aim and he said to aim about 3ft over his back. Well when he gave me a chance around 500 plus yds, I shot and the buck jumped. He still stood there dad said to shoot again and I shot again. After shooting 6 times and missing the deer, I started to get nervous and the deer still wasn`t sure what was going on. Well he was following them does and I loaded my last shells. Dad said hes going to give you another chance. Ole Moose daddy walked right in open spot in some treetops about 450yds. I shot again, Wham, he bowed up and made a couple steps. I bolted my last shell and shot. Ole moose daddy drop like a sack of rocks. I was on cloud 9 whenever i realized that he was dead. I owe it all to my dad because if he wouldnt have been spoting my shots for me, I wouldn`t have killed the biggest deer of my life so far. Thanks Dad!

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