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Name: Eddie Weaver
Date: 12/10/11
Harvest Location: Hancock
Size: 7 Point
Shot Distance: 70 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: I was hunting in a make shift blind that my buddy threw together the week before. at about four in the after noon i was having a hard time seeing because the sun. so i had to climb up higher on the rock i was setting on so that the cedars would block the sun the trouble with that, was it cut my view of the field down a bit, at about 15 til 5 the sun was going behind the trees across the field. so i set one foot down and and bent down and foward to look at the section of field i couldnt see before going the rest of the way down to my original seat, and there were 3 does lookin at me.. i froze , the wind was in my favor, but that didnt stop the lead doe from trying to get me to move, but i didnt so they finally went on and forgot about me. they went back and forth for a little while eating as much as they could. it was getting darker and was haveing trouble seeing through my scope in the area they are know at next to the thicket. then i notice more deer. i was lookin for horns hoping for a shooter. then out know where out pops this deer from the right at around 120 yards away, the first thing i notice was horns of course i knew instantly he was shooter my heart was pounding as he disapeared behind a small island of thicket out in the field. I looked to the right and then left back and forth then he came out the right heading toward 4 big does and toward me. I put the scope on his shoulder and he slow his place i followed with him and sceezed one off. he buckled and moved forward, i jacked anouther round in the chamber and jumped out of the blind so i could see him. there he stood as nothing was wrong and then he tried to walk he limped a little and down goes tyson. I bought this property 3 years ago, and this is my first deer from here, and my biggest buck yet. I have watched several smaller bucks for three years. is it worth it ,you bet it is . if you kill the small ones there will be no big ones..

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