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Name: Mike Ford
Date: 11/23/01
Harvest Location: Fentress
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 40 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "Well, on Friday he went up with me to a 19 acre field before daylight. Later in the morning a Doe came across the west side of the field about 250 yards out and stopped. She was looking back then suddenly started to run. A few seconds later a nice 8 point came prancing out of the woods into the field with another Doe. My 30.06 was on target that day and I dropped him with one shot. We field dressed the deer and headed on down the mountain. The following morning we went up and I shot the 6 point right at daylight. Other than no brow tines he was a dandy buck. We had one heck of a nice trip with each of us getting two nice bucks. Back in Michigan we both were able to get two bucks, a 7point and a 5 point (he had four on the other side broken off) with our bows. It was a good season for us and for the families we shared the meat with over the Christmas holiday."

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