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Name: Morgan Toline
Date: 11/17/01
Harvest Location: Williamson
Size: 10 Point
Shot Distance: 40 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I got to my stand early on the second day of rifle season. I knew the bucks were in rut and would be after Does. My set up was at an intersection of four different ridges coming together. There were two different bucks grunting at each other before daylight. I could hear a buck chasing a Doe on the ridge to my right. About half an hour after it finally got light I saw three deer running on the ridge in front of me, they were running too fast to see what they were. At 8:00AM I saw a Doe on the run coming through the hollow in front of me heading straight for my stand, hot on her trail was a really nice six-Point. It was tempting but I held off. I knew there were bigger deer out. A half hour after that encounter I saw another buck with his nose to the ground coming straight to my stand. It was a young five-Point. I let him walk too. At 8:45 I looked up to see a buck on the far ridge scent checking some trails. I glassed him and knew he was a big deer. I blew my Doe blet and he came straight to me and I shot him at 40 yards. He green scored 130 B and C. Before this hunt I had already let 13 bucks walk. If you let the little ones walk, the results will speak for themselves!"

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