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Name: Frank Morris
Date: 11/17/01
Harvest Location: Henry
Size: 9 Point
Shot Distance: 100 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Sit up on the food plot and Mineral Magic lick, Frank was there well before good light. He had spooked the deer going in, but they returned to the area soon after he settled in on stand. Daylight broke, he watched a Doe being chased by a big buck inside the woodsline. He never got a shot at that buck, cause he was busy counting the bucks one by one as they crossed the open hayfield in front of him. One, a spike, trotted across first. Next came two six Points, one behind the other, possibly brothers, they looked so much alike. Frank held off shooting any of these, the morning was young and this was opening day of course. Good things come to those who wait. All the bucks were heading to the thicket across the field. Typical bedding area. Soon a slight noise behind him caused him to turn and see a Doe slipping up quietly in the thicket under his stand. Next he saw antlers on another following her with his nose to the ground and grunting. All the while, the buck was still chasing a Doe in the woods to his right. The excitment was overwhelming. He tried to radio his wife to tell her that he was in the middle of buck heaven, but the transmission wouldn't cross the hills and valleys of the farm. She sat all morning and didn't see a thing. But she did hear his gun shoot and the bullet connect. After waiting impatiently, grunting softly on his grunt tube, he finally got the buck to step out into the food plot. Three steps out and he was down! What a way to start the rifle season..and to think the bigger buck was still chasing a Doe in the woods near by.

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