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Name: Ethan Jenkins
Date: 10/28/12
Harvest Location: Clay
Size: Doe
Shot Distance: 180 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: My step-dad and I took my little brother hunting this morning after our first set-up Ethan was disapointed because we didn't see anything so we decided to move. After we moved to a different farm we saw three does standing a couple hundred yards in a really big thicket. We stalked to about 180 yards and Ethan said he wanted to take the shot. Neither my Lex or I thought he could pull that shot off but we decided to let him try, we threw the shooting sticks up and threw the old 308 on them and he pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the entire thicket and hit the deer perfect right in the shoulder, Lex and I just stood there in shock because we never thought he could pull that shot off.

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