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Name: Isaiah Herrington
Date: 10/27/12
Harvest Location: Cumberland
Size: 7 Point
Shot Distance: 45 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: i figured it would be a good morning out just didnt expect it too be that good! i had just got in the stand at 720 and had some hogs come through and i took a shot at them but rushed and missed then next then i know 5 minutes later i hear something coming and i put some cold blue doe urine out right where he stopped but he came walking up a hill towards me from the bottom coming down wind and he didnt offer me any better shot so i shot him straight on the left side of his face . when i got down there i realized i just shot the biggest buck of my life right here in my home state . i have leases in indinana and i have hunted pike county and been a few other places but never would of thought i would have shot this old buck. it took us 4 hours to get him out of a bottom and drag him about 900 yds to the stealth .when we loaded him up he broke the bed on it right there and then i figured this deer weighted over 200 easy . when we got it to ricks taxidermy in lenoir city Tn they opened his mouth to see how old he was and he didnt have no teeth just gums and they aged him and he was about 8 years old so i knew right then i shot a mature buck and when they put him on the scales he weight 292 not dressed so about 277 dressed . this deer by far is the biggest buck i ever seen in tn and definitly a trophy mature buck . i cant even get my hands around his bases so im truly happy as a whitetail hunter . tennessee is heading to some great management for our bucks .

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