Real People Real Hunters ~ RealTree Camo

Name: Roger Morris
Date: 11/12/01
Harvest Location: Wilson
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 20 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "I took a weeks vacation and had seen a couple Does through the week but no shots. For some reason there was always someting in the way or they just didn't come in close enough for a shot. It was the last day and I was pretty beat. I figured I'd wasted my vacation and wasn't gonna be taking any meat home that week. I sat down on a stump to drink some coffee and have a smoke. I heard some leaves russle to my right and there he was, walking in at about 80 yards. I stood behind a tree and waited until he was 20 yards away when he turned broadside I took my shot. I finished my coffee and had that smoke before I tracked him down. I was shaking so bad I couldn't walk too good anyway."

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