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Name: Allen Steinhart
Date: 12/24/12
Harvest Location: Lincoln
Size: 15 Point
Shot Distance: 80 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Christmas eve morning I was supposed to go hunting with a couple of friends of mine, Brian and James. At 0430 I sent a text to Brian, "Are we going?" His reply was "Haven't heard from James." I took that as a no and went back sleep. Just before 0700 I got up to get a glass of water. As I am walking buck ass naked through the house I look out the window and see a good size deer standing in the pasture about 80 yards from the house. "Cool" I think, and grab my .243, load it, and slip out the back door...still in my birthday suit mind you. The deer was very close to an overgrown fence line and I knew I didn't have long to take a shot before it jumped the fence and was gone. So with due haste I settle the cross hairs of the scope on the the vitals and squeezed off a round. The beast dropped right in it's tracks, and two does went running across the pasture. I tracked them in my scope hoping for a shot. Then I returned my attention back to the first deer to make sure that it was down, it was. As I looked at it through my scope I saw a little bit of shiny antler through the grass. Again I thought, "Cool." I went in, secured my rifle, got my drink of water, and finally put some clothes on. Then went out to field dress and recover my kill. As I approached the spot where it lay, it became obvious that this was not another little fork horn or 6 point as I have killed on my property before. By the time I got to him my knees were weak and I couldn't help but yell out with joy. 15 scoreable points, gross score 176 5/8. By far the biggest deer I have ever killed.

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