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Name: Chris Pentecost
Date: 11/13/13
Harvest Location: Out Of State
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 75 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Rifle season in Kentucky. Hunted opening weekend with my oldest son. He killed a nice 11 pt. The following Tues., Wed., and Thursday was supposed to be cold and we expected the buck activity to pick up. Wednesday the wind was supposed to lay and I was able to drive up early that morning. My best friend runs Ken Tenn Hunting and he put me in his stand he had put up the day before. He was not going to be able to hunt very long because he had other hunters coming in and had to get them started on farms. I had a lot of activity up till about dinner. Bucks, does, chasing. But from noon till 3:00 I only had two does step into the beans. Just before dark I had a small buck walk the edge of the field. And just as I lost sight of him I heard something trotting through the beans. From over the hill in front of me this buck appeared. He was the 23rd deer of the day and the 7th buck.He stopped at about 75 yards noticing the new stand in the field. I had enough time to quickly judge him and fire a shot. He only went about 60-70 yards before stopping and dropping.

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