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Name: James Terry
Date: 12/18/13
Harvest Location: Madison
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 130 Yards
Harvested With: Shotgun
Story: Sat in the same spot for the last 3 mornings before work. Have only seen a couple small bucks and a couple does those days. On the fourth morning I thought about sleeping but I woke up early and decided to go because you never know. I knew there were some big deer around from all the trail cam pics this summer. Even after hunting hard all year and being exausted I made myself go. OK, I'm at the spot, morning starts out slow as usual this time of the year. 7 to 8 is prime time for the field I'm sitting on from past hunts. I didn't have to wait long, because as soon as it was Seven I saw a couple of does. So I watch and wait to see a nice buck come out with them. One doe was acting funny running in short cirles in and out of the line and I've seen that before .... so I waited. THEN.. "There he is!" I say to myself. One of the bucks I have pics of. He bumps the doe for a sec and came out feeding facing me so I wait for him to turn. After a few minutes he turns and I shoot... and miss! I pump my mossberg 535 shotgun and shoot again... MISS! The deer is still standin there. PUMP! I shoot again... SMACK! I HIT EM! Talk about being lucky. Buck fever maybe?...

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