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Name: Herbie Bales
Date: 11/09/02
Harvest Location: Meigs
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 75 Yards
Harvested With: Muzzleloader
Story: "I had got up early to hit the woods with my bosses Son on Saturday 11-9-02. I decided to go to the back side of our hunting lease and set-up for the day. So around 7:00 am I got set-up and was there til about 10:00 am when I decided to move from where I was, so I started to move down then about that time I heard a noise. When I looked up I saw a big Doe running down hill in front of me. So I raised my muzzleloader, that's when I saw another deer behind her chaseing her. That's when I saw this big rack on it. I knew I had one Shot and I had to make it count. Lucky he stopped in front of me about 75 yards and I had my weapon up looking in scope and found him looking at me. That's when I shot and I knew I had hit him by then sound from my shot. Then he ran, I tracked him for about 150 yards and lost all sight of blood. I looked for about 10 minutes and could not fine anymore blood. By then I thought I had lost him, so I decided to walk down the hill a little. That's when I found him laying in a 4 ft. ditch."

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