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Name: Bryan Rahn
Date: 11/28/02
Harvest Location: Wilson
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 200 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "This buck chased a Doe into a field. The Doe just hung out in the field and the buck would not come out any further. I tried to adjust for the distance by aiming high. I took the shot and the buck jumped up but did not run away. I could tell he did not want to leave this Doe all he could do was keep his eyes on the Doe. The buck stood for about 10 more minutes at the wood line. I thought I had missed him. At that time the Doe had got so close to me I made a move and she spotted me and got mad blew her nose at me then left. The buck walked into the woods and I got down from my stand to check out the area where I shot the buck. I walked about 200 yards to the spot and saw no blood. I almost gave up when I saw him move in some brush. he walked over a few more feet then laid down. I walked up to him and thought he would be completely dead in a few minutes. So I walked back to my stand put my gun down and grabbed my field dressing stuff. Walked all the way back to the deer and when I was 10 to 15 feet away he lifted his head saw me and ran off. I was SHOCKED I had to go all the way back to get my gun so I could start tracking. A good hunter will give it his all to find a deer he shot and not give up. I tracked blood for about 300 more yards till I found the 8 point and drug his butt back to the truck."

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