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Name: Bill Moore
Date: 11/23/02
Harvest Location: Gibson
Size: 8 Point
Shot Distance: 125 Yards
Harvested With: Shotgun
Story: "I seen this buck three times in two different stands, once in the morning and twice in the afternoon. This buck was hot on the trail of a Doe and moving fast with a 4 Point right behind him. At 2:15 pm I hear a deer blow and snort behind me in a field. I knew the sound wasn't directed at me because the wind was in my favor. A few minutes later a see a Doe running as fast as she could (with mouth wide open and toung hanging out) across a wheat field around 160 yds from me and I kept my eye on her hoping I knew what was chasing her. I was right! The Big 8 Point only seconds behind was boldly forcing her to stop, and when she did he would display his headgear with ears layed back and neck swelled out walking slowly around her and powerfully snorting! I watched the two for maybe 5 minutes and then they took off as fast as they came in. I thought I would never see him again and waited in my stand re-living the whole event and wondering if I could have taken the long shot. About an hour later I catch movement in a thicket and look through my binoculars to see a Doe very relaxed and feeding. I keep my eye on her to see if she is with anything and notice her looking behind several times. Mt heart dropped when I saw this same buck creeping out of some tall grass. This time he was a little closer and not running, broadside and looking my way! He had no idea my crosshairs were locked on his shoulder and he dropped in tracks."

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