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Name: Toby Page
Date: 11/23/02
Harvest Location: Montgomery
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 260 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I was hunting a new cutover area on our property on opening morning, and at 7:30 I caught movement in the middle of the cutover. I discovered this deer with 2 smaller bucks headed towards short planted pines on the west side of the cutover. Not knowing how far the shot was, I passed on it but decided to try to "head them off" before they crossed. I climbed down from my ladder and eased to the area I thought they would be, but I couldn't see any of them so I assumed they beat me to the pines. Thirty minutes after returning to my stand, I heard rattling/sparring in the direction I had last seen the deer and decided this time to ease through the middle of the cutover since the wind was in my favor. It took me almost 30 minutes, but I spotted them on another ridge 260 yards away. The first shot hit him, but it was a little low. He ran about 30 yards a little farther up the ridge and turned broadside. The second shot was right on and dropped him in his tracks. I sure like starting the season like this!!"

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