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Name: Shaun Ford
Date: 11/28/02
Harvest Location: Fentress
Size: 11 Point
Shot Distance: 335 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "My son and I were hunting a field in Fentress County. Right at shooting light I shot a 5 point and it went out of the field into the woods. I thought I had a good shot so we decided to wait to check it out. About 35 minutes later my son, Shaun, had a hard time waiting so I made a decision. I told him that only one of us should go down to check and the other should stay at the barn in case a buck ran across the field. He offered to go, but I said I would. When I got down there I saw a deer inside the woods. The deer was behind a couple of cedar trees and I thought it was the one I shot. I thought I had made a bad shot and wounded the deer. The closer I got the more I heard the deer stomping at me. I kept trying to see it, but it stayed behind the two cedars. As I got closer I looked over to the left and saw my 5 point laying! there just inside the woods so I knew this was a different deer. Unsure what to do, I grunted at the deer and it proceeded to stomp and get really excited. But, the whole time it was behind the two cedars. I thought that I might run it out in the field for my son so I hand motioned to him that I saw another deer and that I was going into the woods. Well, probably because we have hunted so much together, he understood. I continued on into the woods and heard the deer running away along with a few other deer. I went over to the 5 point that I had shot and hoped that the other deer would run through the field. I didn't have to wait long before I heard a boom, then another boom. I ran out into the field and saw my son running down from the barn with both fists in the air. I knew something good had just happened. When we got to the deer it turned out to be an 11 point buck and what was more amazing was the distanc! e. We marked it off at 335 yards. It was a great day. Our lucky day... Thanksgiving 2002!"

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