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Name: Bo Arthur
Date: 12/17/00
Harvest Location: Fayette
Size: 28 Point
Shot Distance: 50 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: Bo harvested this impressive Fayette County Non-Typical that green scores 185. The big deer had a live weight of 220 lbs., has 28 points, a 17 inch inside spread and a 26 inch outside spread.

I woke a little later than I intended to, the morning was clear and crisp, and there had been a light snow the night before. On my way to the logging road, I crossed several sets of tracks that all seemed to be heading to my stand site. When I reached the ridge and the logging road that ran along the top of it, I checked the wind and placed my climber on a pine tree and climbed to about 30 feet. I'd set up so that when the deer approached from my left I'd have a perfect setup for the shot. Since I had arrived later than usual, I planned to hunt to at least 11 or 12. I settled in for the wait.

9 am came and went with no deer sighted. Around 10 am a string of 4 Does came from the wrong direction. As they strolled down the logging road it was evident that they had seen or sensed me, but they never flagged. The lead Doe and her followers finally trotted nervously away.

About 30 minutes later I could here the slight crunching of frosty leaves from the direction the Does had come from and out stepped this big boy. I had hunted this area 2 times before and had no idea that a buck of this size was anywhere near here. Just as the Does had done, he came in from my right. I saw the mass of the antlers but was unaware of the true size of this boys antlers. He eased on in, following the same trail as the Does and as he quartered away I aimed for his left shoulder. When I fired I clipped his left ham with the round exiting through his right shoulder. His read sagged and he staggered. I shot him again, breaking his left shoulder that dropped him in his tracks.

He was so heavy that I had to roll him off a small bank onto my 4 wheeler. By the time I settled down I realized just how big he was

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