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Name: Mike Williams
Date: 11/16/02
Harvest Location: LBL
Size: 16 Point
Shot Distance: 80 Yards
Harvested With: Rifle
Story: "I was late getting to my stand that morning. I had walked right past the ridge I had planned to hunt, so by the time I doubled back and got in my stand it was already getting light. I didn't see anything until 9:00 am, when 3 Does crossed the end of a point about 130 yards away. About 10 minutes later I saw a single Doe cross the same point going in the opposite direction of the 3 Does. About 30 seconds behind her I saw a buck trailing her. I saw that the buck had a large, dark rack, but they were in the open for just an instant and I didn't even have time to raise my rifle. The buck and Doe crossed the point and disappeared into a cut-over draw. I got out my binoculars and tried to find them in the draw, but they were gone. After about 5 minutes of glassing the draw, I saw a Doe walk out of the cut-over draw, headed in my direction, but I didn't see the buck. I lowered my binoculars and that's when I saw him. I got my rifle up and waited as the buck followed the Doe across the bottom. When the Doe reached the base of the point I was on, she turned and started up a draw to my left. When the buck entered an opening about 80 yards away, I bleated to try to get him to stop, but he didn't hear me. So I tried again, only louder, and he stopped with his head behind a tree. After the shot, he ran about 30 yards before falling. I threw everything out of my stand and nearly fell trying to get out of the tree as fast as I could. I could not believe the size of this buck when I finally reached him. He was even bigger than I thought. This was the largest buck I had ever seen and I was fortunate enough get a shot. Needless to say, this was one of my most memorable hunts. It was made even more memorable by the fact that I was in camp with my brother Scott, and two of my closest friends Robbie and Joe. Joe got a very nice 8 Point the same morning I killed my buck and even helped me get my deer out of the woods. Robbie and Scott both passed up shots at smaller bucks waiting for the big one."

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